Have a look at where you will be staying throughout the duration of your holiday

More Than Mauritius will offer you shared accommodation in either spacious modern houses or apartments on or very close to a beach. One option will be to rotate so you can stay for 5 days in the south of the island and 5 days in the north.

Riambel Beach House

Each evening in Mauritius you can enjoy a nice cold drink while watching the sunset on a secluded beach, not a tourist in sight! Riambel Beach is located in the south part of Mauritius and is the location to our recommended homestay for the duration of your visit. The intense turquoise colour of the water caused by the shallow depth in the beach, make it a picturesque location to wind down after a busy day.

Accommodation features:
5 bedrooms
Modern and fully equipped kitchen
Two TV Rooms with satellite channels
WiFi in all the rooms
Outdoor kitchen and wood-fired barbecue
Spacious veranda of 80 m2 and swimming pool