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A little more about what we do and who we are

What We Do

Whenever I tell people I come from Mauritius, they invariably say, “I would love to go there!” When people think of Mauritius they think of white sand, tropical fish and turquoise water. Of course it is those things, but it is so much more than that. I want people to experience not just the beautiful beaches, but also the authentic side this island paradise has to offer. I want to give them the "More Than Mauritius" experience.

More Than Mauritius focuses on taking small groups of 12-14 people on a 10 day holiday of the island. We visit iconic locations on the island, offer exclusive accommodation and partake in activities even the locals are unaware of. From the capital of Port Louis, to the top of the Piton Chamarel in the south west all the way to Grand Baie in the north. You will experience all the island has to offer.

Make sure you don't miss out by contacting us now to register your interest. We are currently taking bookings for September 2016 and March 2017. Our March 2016 “More Than Mauritius” experience is already booked out.

Who We Are

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Eddy Stanley

Eddy was born and raised in Mauritius. In 1972 he attended university in England and migrated to Australia in 1975 where he has been living ever since. Eddy married Sue in 1983 and had two daughters. He couldn't wait to show his family where he came from. The distance between Sydney and Mauritius has never stopped him from returning home having been back every few years.

Over the past 30-odd years, Eddy and Sue have travelled the world extensively and, as a result, have developed their own recipe for what the perfect holiday is all about. They now want to apply this recipe to their trips to Mauritius in order to give travellers the best experience possible.

Through Eddy's personal contacts, primarily his two brothers, sister and their spouses, who all live in Mauritius, he can provide an exclusive insight into what makes this island so special.

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Eddy (right) with his siblings (Percy, Hugh and Mary-Ann)

Eddy would like to share his passion for his country of birth with you. Eddy and Sue will personally be hosting the 10–12 days discovery tours of the island. To keep the tours intimate and flexible, groups will be small: between 12 and 14 people.